The Danger of Silence (11/8/19)

For Clint Smith, inspiration comes from his students. The writer and educator draws on his and his students’ lives to create poetry that blends art and activism. A PhD candidate at Harvard University and a 2014 National Poetry Slam champion, Smith gives performances with humor, humanity and humility, touching on themes like poverty, social justice and the pains of being a kid. –Ted Talks

In the video we will be watching today, Smith weaves a story about the dangers of silence when someone needs our voice to help them, to love them, to teach them, to support them, or simply and honestly to be the voice of hope in their life.  We walk around living our lives, and, at times, we walk aimlessly without a thought of others and how our silence affects them.  Sometimes, silence hurts more than words.  Will you live your truth everyday and speak for yourself; speak for your dreams; speak for the love of others; speak for what is right and good in life? Will you speak your truth?

Mrs. Donofrio