A Mother’s Love–Unconditional Love From Mothers

Love from mothers is the most important and extraordinary love in the world. It’s different from any other love and is unique. A mother’s love for their children is beyond and mothers will do anything for their children to keep them happy, safe, and healthy. They raise you to be the best possible version of yourself and teach you so many things in life. Kids should never take their moms for granted because one day they won’t be here on earth.

From watching the video I learned that mothers go beyond what is needed for their children. Since I was little my mom has always been my number one supporter. She would show up to all my sports games and rarely missed any. She still comes and supports my sports game even in high school. She does everything for me like picking me up from practice every day, driving me to my friend’s house, cooking dinner, and so much more. I could never pay her back for all the things she does for me.

Even though sometimes she annoys me I realize that at certain times it can be beneficial. My mom pushes me to be the best I can and sometimes it can be hard, but I know it’s for the better. She’s always telling me life lessons and tips for the future. My mom is the rock of the family and without her nothing would be the same. Every mom’s love to their children is unconditional.

Lauren M

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