–The Story Goes on Forever (10/19/18)

In the movie, Stranger than Fiction, Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) isn’t ready to go. Period.

Everybody knows that your life is a story. But what if a story was your life? Harold Crick is your average IRS agent: monotonous, boring, and repetitive. But one day this all changes when Harold begins to hear an author inside his head narrating his life. The narrator is extraordinarily accurate, and Harold recognizes the voice as an esteemed author he saw on TV. But when the narration reveals that he is going to die, Harold must find the author of the story, and ultimately his life, to convince her to change the ending of the story before it is too late.  ~WingClips

In the clip we are viewing today, Harold goes to see Professor Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) with whom Harold has shared his unusual story.  Ultimately the professor tells Harold that he can’t change his fate, and that death is inevitable, no matter when the author who is narrating his life deems it to be so.

What does this clip make you realize about the way you are living your life?  If you knew when you would die, would you live your life differently?  How can we get past the obstacles that hold us back from living “in the moment” so that we can have the life we want?  How can we ensure that we live a life well-lived, a life free from regrets, a life filled with as much peace and happiness as is possible?  How will you live your life “in the moment” so that your story goes on forever?

Mrs. Donofrio