–Can We Change the World with Kindness? (1/11/19)

A person opens a door for another…a young child falls on the playground and another child helps him up…a young mother struggles with balancing her child in her arms and folding the stroller before getting on the bus, and the man behind her folds it for her…a driver going through a toll pays for the person behind him…

Random acts of kindness can move us to repay others with kindness; however, why is it that, so often, we wait until something extraordinary happens for us to be compassionate to others?  Imagine if we lived in a world where kindness was innate, ubiquitous, and the source by which we lived and treated others.  What would that world look like and how would it feel to live in it?  Can you make the lives of others happier with kindness?  Acting with kindness, will your life be more profound?  Can you really change the world with kindness?

Mrs. Donofrio