–A Lollipop Moment (4/5/19)

Drew Dudley’s interest in developing people’s leadership began when he was the Leadership Development coordinator at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. In 2010 he founded Nuance Leadership Development Services, a company that creates leadership curricula for communities, organizations and individuals — a subject on which he also speaks widely.  He strongly believes that leadership is not a characteristic reserved for the extraordinary. He works to help people discover the leader within themselves.  –Ted Talks

Everyday leadership is not something most people think about, or perhaps, is even something for which people strive.  However, imagine if you had an impact on someone’s life that was so extraordinary, so profound, that it changed that person’s life forever.  Drew Dudley had such a moment—his lollipop moment—and yet, he can’t even remember the event, the words he said, that altered a young lady’s life forever.  The life-changing moment he discusses isn’t earth shattering, yet it left an impact on another person’s life that had a ripple effect.

Leadership doesn’t have to shout to be heard, it simply needs to start as a whisper.  We all have the power to be a leader who transforms the lives of others.  We can change the idea of who a leader is, one person at a time, with “lollipop moments.”  Be the change…start today.  Leave class and go out and create, acknowledge, and pay it forward—in lollipop moments!

Mrs. Donofrio