Let’s Change the World…Together///Change is it enough?

How would you change the world? By changing the world we can’t just have groups of people. We all have to unite as one, one family, one group, one world. Enough of the popular kids, the nerds, the anti-socials. We can’t change the world with one person we all have to come together and change it as one.

Does your past define you? No, our past does not define us our actions do. We look for our future selves, not our past. We all change during the years; we grow, but we don’t grow until we admit to ourselves what has to change. I grew a lot once I got into High school, couldn’t act like a middle schooler anymore it had to be in my past. I had to admit to myself, my faults and instead of them being my weaknesses they are my strengths.

Is changing the world enough? No, I feel like if you want to change the world you have to change yourself. Change what you think is wrong in the world. Change the standards you have on others, instead of being kind to people you know, be kind to all. It all starts with us.

Sanaa B.

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