Let’s Change the World…Together-We need change in the world

There are so many environmental problems in the world hat people are worried about right now, but I think that the bigger problem is how people treat each other. All around the world, there are school shootings, fights, wars, terrorist attacks, riots, and so much more. People need to stop complaining about social media about problems in the world. Maybe this world is not the best but we can all make it a little bit better by seeing the bigger picture and fixing ourselves. Self-reflecting is the way to a better path.

Prince Ea pointed so much stuff ha’s happening right now in the world. It makes me wonder if many of these problems will ever end. And I believe that if we want to evolve and change the world everyone should treat everyone equally. Sometimes I say that people should be nicer when sometimes I need to be a nicer person. It is so easy to make a change. I need to get out of habits of trying to change myself but then going to my old habits shortly after. If not I like to think of how I can change myself. I think that love is a huge part of who we are. Love is an amazing feeling and can shape our lives.

Do people seriously want to live in this world where we have to watch people suffer every day of their lives while we are living perfectly well?  Our world is slowly falling apart more and more every single day and we are just letting it happen without doing anything about it. It is honestly pretty scary to think about how awful our world really is in some places and how some people have to live their lives. I think if I can make a change others can also. We only live once so we have to make it a good and happy world and not worry about things that are gonna happen.

Tymir. J

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