Let’s Change the World…Together- Looking at Ourselves

In the world, we live today needs change. All around us is hatred for one another and no love. I do believe we need to change the world we need to change ourselves. When we look at ourselves and how we behave the world would be different.  Instead of telling people they should change, we need to fix ourselves because we may be the problem. When we see and fix your past mistakes our world can be a better place.

After watching the video I realized that I have to look at myself before I tell people to change. Before watching the video I had thought that telling a person to change was the right decision.  But, after watching the video I now know that the change comes from us. I need to reflect more on my actions and try to fix myself.  As a human being, I do make mistakes but I have to fix them.

If we always help each other we can make this earth a better place. It may even start with one person helping another person, to help others see how we can affect others by showing that we care. When we show others how powerful helping someone else can be than our society will grow together as humans. Instead of breaking each other down we can help each other. We all in the same society, so we need to change it for it can get better.

Kyle R.

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