Let’s Change the World…Together- Start the Change Today

In the society we live in today, everything is about doing something to please others, rather than doing something because it’s the right thing to do. There are many problems in the world today, that need change as soon as possible. As stated, instead of waiting for others to make necessary changes, we have to start before them. It’s important for us to realize who actually needs to make a change because often times it’s not someone else, but it’s us. Putting the blame on others is never the right thing to do, especially if you may be the one to blame. Instead of waiting around for others to make a change, you should always start the change.  When you start the change and others start to see it, it will inspire more people to change for themselves.

If others start to change for themselves, it will slowly start to change our society. Starting the change, which is the right thing to do, will get you more attention than doing something wrong just to please others. Even if we like to please others instead of doing the right thing, we will always get a positive outcome of doing the right thing. It’s important to show there will always be a positive outcome, so that way everyone will start making the right choices. Even if we are inspired one by one, it will eventually grow into thousands of people being inspired. With all of these people inspired, we can begin to make the necessary changes in the world together.

It’s important to start the change as soon as possible. Without starting a change soon, our society will turn out worse than it is right now. It’s also important we are comfortable in the world we live in. Most people now aren’t comfortable in our society and are often scared of not only places and things, but people as well. There is only one world, and we are the people damaging it. Pleasing others rather than doing what’s right is a big factor in this. Most people will act cool and disregard anything anyone says about changing our world. It’s important to care and start the change sooner.

-Victoria. C


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