Let’s Change The World…Together – One Step at a Time

The video I just saw highlighted a lot of serious points that addresses the current state of the world we live in today. It’s sad to say that our world is slowly falling apart as it “advances.” People believe that we live in a perfect generation with technology as our main focus, scandals being our main source of entertainment, and with corrupt systems. Our world praises violence and all we do is sit down and watch it all unravel, but that a can change. I certainly know that change is hard, but we must reflect on ourselves as people to make a change.

I can say, without a doubt, I can hold grudges until the end of time and maybe I can come off as rude when I play too much. Those are just a few things I need to change about myself to make the world better. Even if it’s as small as changing my attitude and speaking out more. Changing for the good of others around you can lead them into changing for the sake of others too (good change of course) and, I believe, that may cause domino effect. Why wait if you can change the world now?

I can truly say that the poem had gave me a new perspective of how I see the world now. Yes, I knew it was struggling a bit, but knowing that the tiny changes you choose to make to better the world gives me hope. One step at a time we can build this world into something better. We need to put down our phones and admire what is around us. The beauty that the earth.

 ~Imaobong E.

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