Let’s Change the World…Together-Help others

In this video Prince EA talks about how the world is chaotic right now. Although he shows how bad the world could turn, he shows that it only takes one person to make a difference. When all of us unite together and be the best people we could be, we could truly make a difference. It is easy to make the difference that our world needs to make, all we have to do is stop judging each other. We can also help someone who needs help because then if you do something nice for them, they will most likely want to do something nice for someone else.

I think that if we choose to be nice to one another we could make the world a better place. To make that happen we should not wait for another person to be nice, we should be the one extending our hand first. If we all have this mindset and choose to be nice, conflict in this world would decrease. Decreasing conflict in our world would make it a much more peaceful and safer place to live. It would be more peaceful and safer because their wouldn’t be as much war going on in it.

Helping others will genuinely make you feel good and the person that you are helping. When you help others and don’t judge them, it makes our world a better place to live. Our world is a place filled with judgement. People judge each other off of their religion, race, and other things that people shouldn’t be judged based off. People should only be judged based off of their personality. So from now on I want to help anyone I can no matter who they are.

Kristen K.

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