Let’s Change the World…Together- Change is Needed

The video we watched was very powerful and had a lot of truth to it. This was the first time that I ever heard of or saw a video of Prince Ea. I think that the poem/song was very clever and done well. I am glad that he is using social media to voice his opinions. The world does need a very drastic change and love is the answer.

He makes many good points in the video. One of my favorites is when he said that the things and people that people praise,celebrate, and applaud are things that were at one time unthinkable. Most songs and shows/movies are about drugs, sex, and violence. The most popular music today would have been disgraceful a while ago. Our world is degrading and we need to change it. We need to be nicer to one another and love one another. At the same time we must denounce instead of accept what is morally wrong.. We must work together as a human family to get back on the right track.

A drastic change is definetly needed.  That being said, it is not impossible. For the change to happen humanity must let God back into it. A Godless society does not work out, as we can see. If we let God into our hearts, communities, and countries then the needed change will happen. I will do my best to let God into my heart and I encourage everyone else to do the same thing.


Jacob B.



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